gwen and Chris

"From the very first evening up till sunday-afternoon I was fascinated, thrilled, sometimes surprised, then excited and passionate for what you both taught with so much Grace and Power.

Inside, suddenly  I knew with certainty that this was the work I was born to do. This shadowwork is very, very important for me and I am glad I made that strong commitment to do it,although I had a week of fear before I decided to step in.

Looking back I realise now that you had my attention all the time.

You both made the unvisible visible, and by playing the shadow out, the darkness was not so fearful anymore. Even going down to the underworld was not frightening

I had the experience of sitting in a theatre with both of you acting out my shadow life as it always felt to me

I have studied the Course in Miracles for 15 years to try to reach the Christ in me. Sometimes I could make the shift and experience Love and Spaciousness

inside me, but as always it was quickly gone.And you both showed the whole proces in one weekend, wow" - Agaath


"The most striking experience for me came when you played the end scene of the Lord of the rings. Then Chris asked who was the one who brought the (his) gold back to its destination.

Realizing that it was Sam there came such a fire and (en)light(ment) in me that the energy overwhelmed me and was filling my body completely and shed my tears. Just in a second all my personna’s seemed to visit me. It was a major experience!

This week I worked (I am an anesthesist) with the 2 surgeons I used to have difficulties with and I enjoyed the work and they did. It was definitely different did feel no stress. And all the joy and appreciation came only out of the job we did. Beautyful.

This morning I walked down the stairs in my house and I loved the view outside of the fresh winter, just like I was a child.


Chris and Gwen thank you for what you gave "- Johan


"I am gratefull to have given myself the experience of having a close look at myself, in a warm and safe atmosphere,  encouraged by Chris Waters and Gwen Floch!
To me, as an artist to whom Time = Art, and Playing = Healing, it felt so good this togetherness with humor and laughter where we were invited to “play” with our shadows. This was made possible by giving them a voice and a name, so they could be heard  and seen and recognized as hidden parts of myself and made me feel  closer to my natural state of being.
And,  last but not least, the “World” surrounding me becomes more interesting, while part of me, and  the dark lumb turns into a crystal (Mirror).
To me it was a sparkling event!"
- Gerda www.galerie13manen.nl


"The ' shadow' workshop comes often to my mind still - it has left a deep impression.

Most of all was the experience that I was allowed and could do it in such a way that I could stay by myself - it was so good to feel how that feels and not ' loose'  myself in anything that triggered me from the environment. I was with the group (which felt safe by the way - thanks to you two) and I also was by myself.

Also the fact Chris, that you did not look much to me, helped me to take in my own place and take full responsibility for it. IT WAS GOOD AND THE RIGHT TIME to experience that. For days afterwards and still, I feel much more energized and present in my body.

Getting to know a number of the personages helped me to see things clearer and to have respect for that what was or is and simply accept all that is, shadow or light - at least it has boosted my awareness of it.

And whatever I can accept (look at) in myself I can accept in others. And so it helps me to be and it helps me to be with others.

In the future I will certainly use the 6 questions to discover the ' why'  about personages that draw my attention and might be standing in the way.

So... a heartfull thanks to both of you -  for who you are and for a truly wonderfull workshop!"- Klaaske