Sacred Union

Rebirth Yourself Into The Heart of Love

This powerful 30-Day online course is a heart-opening, soul-searching journey into Sacred Union, initiated with a Twin Flame Ceremony of reconnection. Merging practical emotional healing tools, with alchemical keys and magical ceremony, we descend into the Womb of Love over a lunar cycle to explore all our barriers to love and union – and to gently melt through them.

In the spaciousness of this love and openness, we can heal the separation between the masculine and feminine, and heal the past stories of hurt in our relationships, opening to a new story of intimacy, sacred sexuality and union. There is a Gateway opening in the fabric of the universe…

Riding on this beautiful Shakti-wave of love, we also begin to receive and embody the beautiful truth of an ecstatic divine love that pours blessings into our life. This becomes the sacred container for all our deepest relationships of love, with self, soulmate, soul family, and the web of life.

There is a wild, devotional Love that is wishing to completely undo you!

This journey is open to women, men, couples and all the Sacred Lovers of Life.

Next journey begins on Full Moon August 7 – September 5, 2017

Exchange: $333 ($222 – $333 Honor-System Sliding Scale for Financial Hardship)*

Optional extra Skype mentoring sessions with Gwen € 70,-

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What will this invite into your life?


~ You will uncover, investigate and heal core patterns that have been sabotaging your capacity to love and open into relationships.

~ You will move beyond the ‘victim story’ and take responsibility for your life, giving you the power to change and co-create a better future.

~ You will have a safe and supportive container to feel, express and release all the grief and sadness you have been repressing, leading to major breakthroughs.

~ You will experience forgiveness for hurts and heartbreaks you have been carrying with you for many years, opening your heart to love again.

~ You will deepen your sacred relationships, and rebirth the connection into greater harmony, intimacy, honesty and love.

~ You will open the way to attract a sacred relationship, or to unite with your soulmate, if you are not already in relationship.

~ You will restore or deepen your connection to Spirit, to the Great Mother whose pure love can heal any pain of separation through miracles and grace.


NOW IS THE TIME for radical, passionate joyful transformation!



What You Will Receive:


~ Shamanic Ceremonies & Regression Journeys

~ Long-Distance Healing Energy Transmissions

~ Powerful Guided Audio-Journeys

~ Awakening Body-Prayer Practices

~ Alchemical Sacred Union Practices

~ Key Teachings of Love from the Feminine Mystery Schools

~ A 70-Page ebook of wisdom transmissions to support your journey

~ Access to a Private Online Sharing Circle for Support


You will never be the same again after this journey…

Sacred Union radiates out to embrace everything, it rebirths the lost parts of ourselves, activates the powerful gifts we are destined to share, it deepens relationships, attracts our soulmate, and extends the generosity of love to all of life. The Wombiverse is waiting to birth everything you desire, the truth of who you really are… Are you ready to be part of the change?

This initiation period is a 30-Day lunar cycle to attune to the flowing spiral journey of love

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